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TBM© 1.5 D - the Tropical Band Manager

Historic page - software for Windows 3.x, Windows 9x/NT

Tropical Band Manager contains all information from the Tropical Band List TBL
(with about 1700 entries), with all addresses from the Tropical Band Adresslist TBA.

Tropical band stations, clandestine stations and domestic services up to 7 MHz.

New powerful search and sorting functions
You want a list of all Asian indicator-stations within the 90 m band with more than 5 kW of power, sorted by countries, within the countries by frequency and within the frequencies by power - in declining order? Get it with TBM!

Create your own databases and identify new stations

New features for greyline-DXers:
The sunrise- and -sunset times for all known transmitter locations can be calculated for any given date - the button "Optimal" additionally shows all stations offering enhanced reception because of greyline propagation at that date.

TBM tells you distances and azimut to stations, either short or long path reception.
Easily turn a directional antenna towards the region you want to receive.
The geographical coordinates of your own location are basic for these calculations. Mark stations being heard and/or verified, and search for those entries.
All known transmitter locations are displayed on a world map. TBL - Map of listed stations / Karte der gelisteten Stationen (27Kb)
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