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  Links to Software Defined Radios (SDRs)

This page is dedicated to Software-Defined Radios.
With the introduction of the Perseus at the end of 2007 new ways of frequency observation became available to SWLs, DXers and radio amateurs.
Visual control by spectrum and sonagramm informs about activities aside of the tuned frequency, broadband recordings allow time shifted listening.
Nowadays the number of available hardware increased, what is true for software also. With the introduction of the ZS-1 the first SDR Transceiver manufactured in Germany became available, so digitalisation finally reached transmitters.
The links below will cover Hard- and Software, as well as information sources regarding SDRs.

Introductions can be found here:

>Types of SDRs, by F4DAN
>Perseus Booklet by Nils Schiffhauer (pdf, German, 50 pages)
>Sreencasts by Nils Schiffhauer covering SDRs
>Collection of reviews covering Perseus, Excalibur, Zeus ZS-1
SDR Hardware and Operating Software

      SDR Transceiver ZS-1:
>Description, Software, Broadband files, Manual

      Microtelecom and third party operation software:
>Perseus - Manufacturer's page by Nico Palermo, IV3NWV
>Perseus product page by SSB-Electronic
>Perseus FAQ
>Perseus - Software
>Winrad Software by Jeffrey Pawlan, WA6KBL
>SDR Console v2 by Simon Brown, w. Perseus control
>Studio1 by Sandro Sfregola, w. Perseus control
>HDSDR Software by DG0JBJ

>Pappradio - Soundcard based SDR by Stephan Schaa

>ELAD FDM-SW1 Software
>ELAD FDM-SW2 Software
>RF Space NetSDR
>SDR-Console v1.5
>QS1R, open source SDR

>WiNRADiO Excalibur
>Excalibur page by SSB-Electronic, w. broadband files
>Updates for WiNRADiO G-31DDC Excalibur
>WiNRADiO Excalibur Pro
>Excalibur Pro page by SSB-Electronic, w. broadband files
>Updates for WiNRADiO Excalibur Pro

>Wellbrook ALA-1530L active Broadband-Loop
>Shuttle Pro II, external control unit for Perseus and Excalibur
SDRs and Internet
      Remote tuning via Internet:

>World map with remotely controllable Perseus - requires Perseus Software 4.0
>Perseus Serverlist by MWLIST - Server-IDs for Online-Logging
>SDR-Console v1.x Online Receiver Map
>SDR-Console v2.x Online Receiver List
>Online SDRs at the university of Twente

      Map based Online Logging:
Near realtime displays of logs on a world map. See what others hear. Let others see what you are receiving.

Three choices exist so far. The first one is managed by Günter Lorenz. The combination of Perseus and Perseus Databases offers logging by just one mouseclick. A log will be created automatically that includes frequency, date, time, choosed modulation and signal strength.
More than 26,000 datasets of MWList, the Tropical Band List (TBL) and a NDB list support this functionality. It has never been easier to create and maintain a log book!

>SWL Log-Map, based on MWLIST by Günter Lorenz and the Tropical Band List.
>Register at MWList for Online Logging! Further help on page 1 of the Perseus Databases.

Three other lists are reflecting digital modes of amateur radio:
>Digi-Mode Logs, automatic logging with Ham Radio Deluxe / DM780.
>WSPR Logs
>D-Star users (Digital Voice)
SDR Information sources and Advice

      Mailing lists:
>Mailing list for the Zeus ZS-1
>Mailing list for the Perseus by Nico Palermo, IV3NWV
>Perseus page of the A-DX mailing list
>Mailing list for the WiNRADiO G31DDC Excalibur (Yahoo)
>Mailing list for the Winrad Software (Yahoo)
>Mailing list for the SRL QuickSilver QS1R (Yahoo)
>SDR Filesharing Yahoo Group, Details about SDR Broadband recordings

      Reviews and Reports:
>DX-Holiday of Udo Deutscher visiting Wilhelm Herbst in Denmark
>Personal observations, by Ken Baird, Scotland
>Impressions by Bjarne Mjelde, Norway (pdf, 5 pages)
>SDR Blog by DH1TW
SDR Software

>Perseus Third Party Software Guide - 50+ Software solutions for Perseus

      Frequency Databases:
>CSV UserlistBrowser, comprehensive frequency database management, for Perseus, G-305/G-313/G-31DDC/G-33DDC, by DF8RY
>StationList by Jurgen Bartels, with Offsets

      Updates for the Perseus MEM window and Excalibur:
>HFCC list
>'EiBi' list by Eike Bierwirth
>Nagoya DX Circle list, Perseus userlist format
>Userlist by MWLIST, LW-MW-SW, calculated for your listening location!

>Download of Dream Software for DRM (v1.12b works!)
>Download of qt-mt230nc.dll for Dream
>Virtual Audio Cable, virtual soundcard for DRM / Decoding
>MM Hamsoft, Freeware for RTTY, SSTV, PSK
>MixW, Shareware for CW, RTTY, Amtor, Pactor, SSTV, Hellschreiber
>Digital Master 780, Freeware for PSK, QPSK, CW, DominoEx, Hell, MFSK, MT63, OLIVIA, RTTY, THROB, SSTV with Scottie and Martin modes

>AREPS (Advanced Refractive Effects Prediction System)
>IonoProbe 1.34, Shareware by VE3NEA
>VOACAP Quick Guide
>Sun Clock 6.0, Freeware for worldtime and greyline visualisation
>DX-Toolbox, collects Web data of solar and geomagnetic values

      More third party software:
>VSPE - COM Port interface for Perseus
>Spectrum Lab, Audio-Analysing Freeware by DL4YHF
>SplatAway, noise reduction by Jürgen Bartels
>Autohotkey Script for timed recordings, by Dr Matthias Zwoch
>Record-Timer 0.1 for timed recordings, by Wallauer
>Perseus Record Scheduler PRS_0.98a by Alessio Miani
>Perseus WAV Chopper Software V3.0 by Chuck Hutton
>EiBi-Format Tool by David L. Salomon, KG4FJH, frequency list conversion

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